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Contortionists come from all over the world to perform in acts for certain cities.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stock images of contortionists

Stock Photos: Awebsite with some interesting photos.

Monday, January 30, 2006


The Souplesse LoverMy love for contortion has dramatically increased since I met the Contortion Home Page. A good site with photos. Mostly a fan site for contortionists and contortionism.

Hilarious Ransomness

The Lycos Top 100 Searches for 2005

For the most part, quite depressing. Wanna know why government is so screwed up? Because most people don't spend any time trying to figure out what is going on. They're too busy searching for Paris Hilton. Where is Iraq? Where is Plamegate? Where is Bush?

The Lycos Top 100 Searches for 2005

1. Paris Hilton (2) 2. Pamela Anderson (8) 3. Britney Spears (4) 4. Poker (10) 5. Dragonball (13) 6. Jennifer Lopez (28) 7. WWE (17) 8. Pokemon (33) 9. Playstation (24) 10. Hurricane Katrina (-) 11. Brooke Burke (12) 12. KaZaA (6) 13. Tara Reid (37) 14. Angelina Jolie (61) 15. Tsunami (-) 16. iPod (-) 17. Lindsay Lohan (42) 18. Carmen Electra (32) 19. Neopets (20) 20. Hilary Duff (21) 21. Jessica Simpson (50) 22. RuneScape (-) 23. NFL (15) 24. XBox (40) 25. Anna Nicole Smith (31) 26. Christmas (19) 27. Harry Potter (26) 28. Baseball (29) 29. Christina Aguilera (34) 30. Mariah Carey (-) 31. Anna Kournikova (51) 32. NBA (57) 33. Star Wars (63) 34. Inuyasha (55) 35. Eminem (66) 36. Jennifer Aniston (-) 37. Alyssa Milano (89) 38. Final Fantasy (25) 39. Olsen Twins (49) 40. Halloween (22) 41. Sailor Moon (56) 42. Naruto (-) 43. Green Day (-) 44. Grand Theft Auto (86) 45. Madonna (90) 46. Beyonce Knowles (64) 47. Torrie Wilson (69) 48. Avril Lavigne (77) 49. Halle Berry (-) 50. Jessica Alba (-) 51. 50 Cent (-) 52. The IRS (27) 53. Tupac Shakur (82) 54. Jennifer Love Hewitt (-) 55. Janet Jackson (1) 56. Tennis (-) 57. Denise Richards (-) 58. Blackack (-) 59. Trish+Stratus (-) 60. Valentine's Day (65) 61. Chyna/Joanie Laurer (-) 62. Usher (39) 63. Salma Hayek (-) 64. Clay Aiken (3) 65. Jennifer Garner (-) 66. Natalie Portman (-) 67. Eva Longoria (-) 68. Yu-Gi-Oh! (45) 69. NASCAR (38) 70. Shakira (-) 71. The Simpsons (-) 72. Katie Price (73) 73. Teri Hatcher (-) 74. Jenny McCarthy (-) 75. Shania Twain (-) 76. Andy Milonakis (-) 77. Stacy Keibler (-) 78. Catherine Bell (-) 79. Teri Polo (-) 80. Howard Stern (60) 81. Slipknot (-) 82. Nicole Kidman (-) 83. Metallica (-) 84. Teen Titans (-) 85. Linkin Park (-) 86. Gwen Stefani (-) 87. Mardi Gras (85) 88. Michael Jackson (-) 89. Limewire (-) 90. The Sims 2 (36) 91. Kelly Monaco (-) 92. Kelly Clarkson (-) 93. Barbie (78) 94. Taxes (47) 95. Warcraft III (-) 96. Demi Moore (-) 97. Bow Wow (-) 98. Golf (46) 99. Sarah Michelle Gellar (-) 100. Serena Williams (-)

Why people give a shit about Paris Hilton is beyond me. I understand searching for vacant housing, but vacant celebrities? Nah...

Some helpful Contortion Links

Some resources:

Mike's contortionist home page: great page with all kinds of photos, video clips and galleries organized per artist.

Elainilee's contortion and flexibility page: Many photos of contortionism artists present and past. Quite a good collection for the gallery viewer.

The Limber Land Link (LLL): Moderate fan site, some Cirque Du Soleil photos and others caught in the act of contortion performing arts.

Fredy's contortion web ring: Lots to browse.

TotalToning: Great site, if not for the intro page alone. Tons of exotic information and bizarre, high-quality photos. Highly reccommended. An awful site with some GREAT photos. If you can find them.

I will be posting more resources soon, to include gymnastic training and fitness needed to start training in the wonderful art of contortion.

Contortionism remains hot topic...

While contortionism remains a hot topic, resources for the human art form are limited. It is hard to find quality information on the practice and the community is solid and secretive. How does one research how to get started in contortionism? Where can one find videos, photos and pics or images of people practicing contortionism? Coming soon is a post that answers all those questions and more. Stay tuned for updates.

The contortionists way of life.

Contortionists never need to bend over backwards for anybody. Contortionists wake up in the morning and can have their Nike's on and be fully dressed without even leaving the bed. And speaking of bed, contortionists never have a problem keeping spouses interested in it. Contortionists never need chiropractors, there's nary a bone in the body that they are not aware and fully in control of. They can reach for the stars and lend a helping hand at the same time.

Here's to some of our favorite contortionists...

Demand over the past four years has boomed. I think Cirque du Soleil should take a lot of the credit. They've really brought circus to the mainstream. - Delia du Sol, 26, lives in London

Contortionists... they can be found on myspace, yahoo groups ( Possi ),, yoga groups, and of course, the circus. And coming soon to my blog.

World of Extreme Contortion and contortionism.

Contortion (sometimes contortionism) is an unusual form of art which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the body.

In general, contortionists have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through gymnastic training. Amazing feats can be accomplished.

Most contortionists are categorized as either frontbenders or backbenders, depending on the direction in which their spine is more flexible.

Some facts about contortionists:

Some of the skills performed by contortionists include:

  • Frontbending skills such as folding forward at the waist with the legs straight, or placing one or both legs behind the neck or shoulders with the knees bent (called a human knot). They may also pass their body through a ring or barrel while in a forward fold.
  • Backbending skills such as touching one's head to one's feet, or all the way to the buttocks (called a head-seat), while standing, lying on the floor, or in a handstand. A Marinelli bend is a backbend while supported by a grip at the top of a post that is held in the mouth.
  • Splits and oversplits (a split of more than 180 degrees) may be included in frontbending or backbending acts. An oversplit may be performed while the feet are supported by two chairs or by two assistants.
  • Enterology is the practice of squeezing into a small box or other container which appears to be too small for a person to fit in.
  • Dislocations are performed as a short novelty act by itself. One example is lifting the arm to the side until it passes behind the head and lies across the top of the shoulders.
Contortionism is a fetish for some and a hobby for others.

Interesting Fact:

In the 1800s traveling "freak shows" and circuses were popular in many countries. Among the oddities on display was often someone dubbed "The India Rubber Man," or female, "The Elastic Lady." These contortionists were able to bend their bodies into unnatural positions, much to the amazement of spectators and show attendees.

a great contortionism site I found is called the contortionism home page.